npm install inertia-node The moment of inertia of an object is a numerical value that can be calculated for any rigid body that is undergoing a physical rotation around a fixed axis. How do I straighten my bent metal cupboard frame? Biblical significance of the gifts given to Jesus, Company is saying that they will give me offer letter within few days of joining. By default, whenever Inertia receives a non-Inertia response (meaning there's no X-Inertia header present), it simply shows that response in a modal. The beauty of the Inertia Js is we don't need to maintain sperate API routes for fetching data, it automatically passes the server-side return data into client-side as vue props. Autistic inertia is common but little-known and poorly understood. Example: let's define an object. It may be noted that moment of inertia depends not only on mass m but also on r². It should be an object. This answer does not address the OP's exact issue, but does highlight one potential cause of the error in question. The property of inertia is useful in navigation systems. However, when I webpack it with webpack 4 and include the resulting script with